Tuna Tube - Double Bonito Tube

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Tuna Tube - Double Bonito Tube
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Part Number: PFTT-50-2
Weight: 20 lbs.
Ships From: RI
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Double Bonito Tuna Tubes

These bonito tubes have a black interior to keep fish calm and also have a sleek black exterior. The black interior of the tuna tube helps keel the fish alive longer, calmer and healthier. The inside diameter of the tuna tube is 5 inches and the length is 22 inches. These double bonito tuna tubes come with quick disconnect mounting brackets for ease of transom mounting. This double set is two tuna tubes mounted together and only requires a total of 4 mounting nuts on the transom.

Our Tuna Tubes feature quick disconnect mounting brackets, for transom mounting. Easily removable by removing one 3/16" detent pin. Small transom mount nuts mount to transom, tuna tube brackets clip to nuts. * PFTT-80 Tuna tube set comes with 6 inch insert for smaller bait. Plumbed for 1" hose. Double's are 2 sets of brackets mounted together, only require 4 mounting nuts on transom.