32 Gallon Oblong Pro Flow Bait Tanks

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32 Gallon Oblong Pro Flow Bait Tanks
Part Number: PF-32
Capacity: 32 Gallons
Dimensions: 26" L x 17.75" W x 26.25" H
Weight: 90 lbs.
Ships From: RI
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The 32 Gallon Oblong Pro Flow Bait Tank PF-32 is tall enough to drain over most outboard wells. This livewell can be easily attached to your boat's bait pump for a quick and easy bait system set up.

Kodiak ProFlow Technology

Kodiak ProFlow technology is the best technology for fresh fishing bait in a bait tank. Bait fish have to swim in order to survive. Swimming allows oxygen rich water to flow over the fishes gills in order for them to breathe. When bait fish are confined to a small and restricted area they are unable to swim as fast and hence unable to absorb as much oxygen as they normally would in their natural habitat. Kodiak Pro Flow tanks have directional flow that compensates for this reduction in fish swimming speed with gently flowing water that fish can swim into and absorb a higher amount of oxygen than they normally would in a bait tank, baitwell or livewell.

KodiakPro Flow Baitwells Technical Information

Kodiak offers round tanks--a favorite among many anglers. Like all Pro Flow tanks the walls are smooth with baffles flush to the tank walls and nothing for the fish to collide with. Schooling species of bait fish breathe by swimming while water passes over their gills. When they are held in the relatively small confines of a bait tank, the fish suffer from lack of oxygen, as they can not swim fast enough to provide enough water to pass over their gills.

Space-saving oblong tanks available in 4 sizes come ready to fish. Connect to your bait pump and you're off for the fishing grounds. Models PF-22 and PF-32 are tall enough to drain over most outboard wells or mount on your swim step.

Model PF-32 comes with an additional drain at half water level, allowing the water to be run half full, reducing weight. Pro Flow PF-42 allow the water to be set at either 1/2, 3/4 or full capacity. Changing the level is fast and easy with our unique stand-pipe design.

Advantages to lowering the water level include reduced weight and easier netting of the few remaining bait fish at the end of the day. Note that our adjustable pipe is inside an enclosed slotted drain baffle. This feature prevents the fish from hitting the pipe and injuring themselves.
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