Walleye Saver Bait Formula, 3 lb., Treats 2,400 Gallons

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Walleye Saver Bait Formula, 3 lb., Treats 2,400 Gallons
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Walleye Saver Bait Formula was specially formulated to help keep Walleyes alive and calm on the weight to the official fishing tournament weight. This formula helps calm walleyes so they do not injure themselves during transport, helps replenish their slime coat, aids in healing wounds from hooks, stops weight loss and removes harmful chlorine from the bait tank, baitwell or livewell water.

Our chemically advanced and widely accepted WALLEYE-SAVER™ formula is also available in TIME RELESE TABLETS. Each 28 Gram tablet LASTS AN AVERAGE OF 6-8 HOURS IN THE LIVEWELL AND IS INDIVIDUALLY PACKED TO PRESERVE FRESHNESS. Our clever and unique package is designed with the fisherman and retailer in minds.

These Time Release Tablets are encased in individual moisture and oxygen proof containers and labeled with easy to remove, four color laminated lids. This package keeps each tablet fresh and intact until ready for the fisherman to use. We then package three of these individually encased tablets into a four color chipboard box which pegboards or can rest upon a shelf. The package is space conscious but has dynamic graphics to draw the attention of the customer. This is a winning product for all involved, in terms of product sales, ease of use and the conservation aspects of the product itself.WALLEYE-SAVER TIME RELEASE TABLETS™.

Use in Livewells To Help Keep Walleye Alive
  • Calms Your Catch
  • Helps Heal Hook Wounds
  • Removes Harmful Chlorine
  • Replaces Slime Coat
  • Reduces Weight Loss
  • Lasts Approximately 6-8 Hours