Livewell for Live Bait Fish

The most important part of any live bait system is the quality and features of the livewell you are going to be storing your live bait fish in. We have compiled a list of critical factors you should take under consideration when determining which livewell you will purchase.

  • + A quality livewell will give an advantage when fishing because your bait will be healthier for longer periods of time.
  • + Does your livewell need to be aerated? Are you trying to obtain a specific oxygen saturation of the livewell's water?
  • + Do you need a livewell that will be installed permanently or are you intending to transport it and from your boat?
  • + Is the livewell you are purchasing an insulated livewell?
  • + What type of material is the livewell manufactured out of - we sell polyethylene livewells and fiberglass livewells.
  • + Does the livewell come with a locking hinged lid or twist lock lid?
Buying a livewell can be a difficult task, you want something that will stand the tests of time and was designed specifically for the marine environment. If you have any questions about a livewell we sell please get in touch with us through our Customer Service Center.

Aquaworld Livewells

We carry the Aquaworld line of UltraTanks and Traditional tanks. The Aquaworld UltraTank livewells feature a patented reverse flow technology that keeps the tank cleaner and bait fish healthier. Fresh water is constantly circulated into the tank while old water is expelled through a drain in the bottom. The traditional line of Aquaworld livewells come ready to be plumbed and integrated with an existing bait pump.

KeepAlive Livewells

KeepAlive has an established and time tested reputation in the live bait fishing community. They are known for producing outstanding quality products that are truly seafit. Be sure to browse our technical information and installation instructions to see just how easy it is to install a KeepAlive livewell. We have livewells with and without aerators. The KeepAlive oxygen infusion technology produces millions of microfine oxygen bubbles in the livewell's water for the perfect live bait system.

Rob's Reel Bait Pens

We don't just carry livewells and bait tanks. We are also proud to feature Rob's Reel Bait pens. These bait pens a great alternative to livewells when you need to store a larger volume of fish or simply prefer a bait pen system where you keep your bait fish in the water they are accustomed to. These pens are highly durable and feature vinyl coated wire that is securely fastened with stainless steel hog rings.

Chemtainer Livewells

The Chemtainer livewell is a big and brawny tank that has become a favorite amongst bait producers around the nation. We carry Chemtainer livewells ranging from a 50 gallon capacity to a 200 gallon capacity. These livewells are easy to plumb and because of that they are normally integrated into existing live bait systems.

Toho-Rig Livewell

The Toho-Rig livewell comes as a complete package and features a lot of amenities that there simply isn't enough room for on traditional livewells. The shape of the Toho-Rig livewell has made it a favorite amongst jon boat owners and other smaller shipping vessel captain's because it doubles as a seat when not in use. The Toho-Rig livewell features a 360 Gallon per hour pump, lure and tackle storage trays and recessed cup holders. The interior of the livewell is divided to allow storing your catch and keeping your bait fish all in one place.

C&M Fiberglass Livewells

C&M Fiberglass livewells are for the angler who needs a tank that is more durable than the traditional polyethylene tanks that flood the market. These tanks are made from reinforced fiberglass and are ultra corrosion resistant. The C&M line of tanks come in insulated and non insultated versions and we have been told they double as a great cooler because of the interior gel coat on the insulated tanks.