Live Bait Well

It is important that the live bait well you decide to buy meet certain requirements depending on what type of bait fishing you plan on doing:

  • + What type of fish will you be keeping in the live bait well?
  • + Do you need to have a certain amount of oxygen pumped into the tank aka aeration?
  • + Does the live bait well you purchase come standard with an aerator? Do you need an aerator? Can an aerator be purchased seperately?
  • + Are you planning on the live bait well being permanently installed or do you require that it can be transported easily?
  • + What sort of insulatation does the live bait well have?
  • + What sort of material is the live bait well manufactured from and has it been UV stabilized for outdoor usage?
  • + Will you be keeping saltwater or freshwater baitfish in your live bait well?
  • + What type of lid does comes with the live bait well?
  • + Is the drain on the live bait well easily accessible?
With so many choices when it comes to deciding which live bait well is right for you it can become a little overwhelming. We are here to help if you need any assistance and the most prompt way to contact us is through our 24/7 monitored customer service center.