Live Bait Tanks

When purchasing any of the live bait tanks we have available for sale you need to consider the following factors and requirements that are specific to your application:

  • + Type of bait fish you will be keeping in the live bait tank
  • + Oxygen level requirements for your live bait
  • + Are the live bait tanks aerated? Can an aerator for the live bait tank be purchased separately from the tank?
  • + Will your live bait tank be permanently installed or do you plan on transporting it to and from your boat?
  • + Is the live bait tank insulated?
  • + Are the bait tanks manufactured out of polyethylene or fiberglass?
  • + Will you be keeping saltwater bait fish or freshwater bait fish in your bait tanks?
  • + What type of lid does the live bait tank feature?
  • + Do the live bait tanks have an easily accessible drain?
Choosing amongst all the live bait tanks available for sale can be a difficult decision. We are always here to help you with any technical questions about our live bait tanks and can be contacted via our customer service center. We sell live bait tanks from the nation's leading manufacturers including Kodiak, Aquaworld, KeepAlive, C&M & Chemtainer.

Wholesale Live Bait Tanks from

We carry only the highest quality live bait tanks. Our selection encompasses the latest and greatest bait storage systems. A high quality live bait tank is key to keeping your bait fish healthy and fresh. Browse our large selection of permanent or easily transportable live bait set ups including bait tanks, livewells and bait pens.

Live Bait Tank Technologies

Aquaworld Reverse-Flow System

In order for your bait fish to remain healthy it is crucial that there is a constant flow of water in your bait tank if you plan on keeping your bait fish for a prolonged period of time. This constant flow of water provides the bait fish with oxygen but unfortunately many bait tanks on the market feature to strong of a flow which will exhaust your bait fish and eventually lead to their premature demise.

Aquaworld Reverse-Flow live bait tanks are self-flushing tanks that were designed and manufactured specifically with the objective of reducing live bait losses. These tanks unique design constantly recirculates clean water through the tank by filling to the top and flushing the old bait tank water out the bottom of the tank. This constant flow eliminates debris in the water and significantly reduces live bait losses due to suffocation.

KeepAlive Live Bait Tanks

KeepAlive live bait tanks are insulated live bait tanks that can be ordered with a aerator or bait pump included for a complete live bait system or the tanks can be purchased without any components and plumbed to integrate with your existing system. The KeepAlive series of live bait tanks can be purchased with an insulated blue interior and in a glow in the dark version which gently glows at night so you do not startle and stress your live bait fish with direct light.

Kodiak Pro Flow & Traditional Live Bait Tanks

Kodiak Pro Flow bait tanks are water exchange tanks that continously pump fresh oxygen rich water water into the tank while old water is pushed out of the tank and back into the sea or lake. The Pro Flow tanks and Angler series tanks offered by Kodiak both feature smooth and seamless tank walls so your bait fish will not colide or become trapped in the corners of the tank.

Rob's Reel Bait Pens

Bait pens are a great alternative to live bait tanks whenever you require a more permanent installation or are going to be storing a larger volume of bait fish. We carry large and small bait pens that can be installed permanently or transported easily to and from the fishing site. The Rob's Reel Bait pens are sturdy bait keeping systems that feature durable vinyl coated wire that is fastened to flotation devices that help keep the shape of the pen with stainless steel hog rings.

Chemtainer Live Bait Tanks

Chemtainer tanks are a favorite amongst bait producing pen owners due to their big size and rugged durability. These tanks can be easily plumbed for an aerated and oxygen infused bait system. Chemtainer bait tanks come in sizes ranging from a 50 gallon capacity to a 200 gallon capacity.

Toho-Rig Live Bait Tanks

The Toho-Rig live bait system is a favorite amongst anglers looking for bait tanks and livewells for their jon boats. The unique design of the Toho-Rig makes it possible to store a large volume of bait fish while maintaing a conveniently shaped and compact design. The Toho-Rig bait tank features double walled lids that help to maintain cooler bait fish water temperature and comes with built in lure trays and drink holders. The Toho-Rig also doubles as a great boat seat when you are not retrieving bait. Toho-Rigs are molded out of durable polyethylene and come standard with a 360 GPH bait pump.

C&M Fiberglass Bait Tanks

C&M fiberglass bait tanks are some of the toughest and most durable bait tanks for sale. The majority of live bait tanks on the market are manufactured from linear polyethylene. The C&M line of bait tanks is for anglers who need a tank that can handle even the harshest marine environments and boating conditions. These tanks are available in insulated and non insulated versions and can be purchased with or without an interior and exterior gel coat.