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We only carry the highest quality baitwells, bait tanks and livewells available. Our bait systems are available featuring a variety of options including aerators, reverse flow technology and gallon capacities ranging from small to large so you can find the perfect tank for your boat.

One thing fisherman demand out of their bait tanks and livewells is that the bait system actually keeps their bait fish alive. This may seem like a pretty basic and obvious concept but in our years of experience we have definitely come across many tanks that are missing this critical factor in the bait tank's design.

Bait Tanks, Livewells, and Baitwells mean essentially the same thing. Avid fisherman will commonly use these words interchangeably when referring to their own live bait system. However by definition there are actually some differences but they are all a matter of semantics, bait tanks and baitwells are supposed to constantly circulate fresh water into the tank while flushing old water (this type of bait tank is referred to as an open system), while Livewells function by recirculating the same water (closed system).

Obviously bait tanks are the best choice for healthier and frisker bait fish. Round is the preferred shape of live bait tanks and livewells because it eliminates the danger of your bait fish becoming trapped in the corners of the tank and prematurely meeting their demise.

Oval tanks are also an appropiate shape, but you need to make sure the corners have a large radius and are rounded, if the corners of the tank are shallow water may not be recirculated into the deepest parts of the tank and causes an unnatural balance of oxygen in the bait fishes' water.

A constant flow of water is needed to provide oxygen to the bait fish or otherwise they will inevitably suffocate and die, however if the fresh water is flowing to strong the fish will become exhausted from the energy they have to expel to swim into the current and their health will suffer.

Furthermore, tanks that fill at the bottom and overflow at the top push loose scales and residue into the path of circling bait, clogging their gills and ultimately suffocating them. For this reason, we highly recommend Kodiak Marine’s Pro-Flow Bait Tanks, which are considered the best in the market.

Whether you choose a plastic or fiberglass tank, a round, "trash-can style;' or transom-mounted "diaper bag" bait tank, the two most critical installation factors are the location of the water pickup and the type of pump you select. Through-hull intakes are the best, and the optimum location is in the center of the boat about three feet forward of the transom.

With I/Os, the best location is usually in the forward part of the engine bilge compartment, where access for the fitting and seacock is normally excellent. Transom pickups should be securely fastened, and positioned so that prop and hull turbulence doesn't create problems with air locks. In fact, take care not to position any pickup behind hull irregularities or lifting strakes that may cause turbulence.To determine the proper bait pump, consult a professional.