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Baitwells.com is the nation's industry leading portable baitwell pump distributor. These baitwell, bait tank and livewell pumps are manufactured by KeepAlive and one of the best bait tank aeration choices available. The KA1100 pumps 1,100 gallons per hour while the KA700 pumps 700 gallons per hour.

Either oxygen infusor is a great choice but a larger bait tank will require a pump with a higher gallon per hour pump capacity.KeepAlive gives you the ability to convert your system into a KeepAlive Pure Oxygen Infusion System to maximize the amount of fish that can be transported safely in a minimum amount of water.KeepAlive Infusors allow for a full range of adjustable air to oxygen mixtures to provide safety, a longer lasting oxygen supply, and back up. Pure oxygen is used to enrich the air, when keeping large amounts of fish in hot weather and warm water.

Adjusting the air-to-oxygen ratio will keep your tournament fish and bait healthy and lively, yet keeping unwanted high oxygen levels at the top of an enclosed container to a minimum. When pure oxygen is not required, or your oxygen cylinder becomes low, your KeepAlive system will continue to operate and keep your fish aerated and healthy during tournaments and fishing trips.KeepAlive disperses smaller micro bubbles quicker than any other method, and provides a water current for schooling of fish. Water speed is adjustable for each species.

To produce oxygen enriched water, all fill pumps should be off.The Infusor Air Control should be turned off when enriching water with high levels of oxygen. If the control is open, the air being introduced will try to keep oxygen levels at ambient conditions. You won't produce superbait, but they will remain healthy. Remember that oxygen cannot absorb and dissipate CO2, so high levels of CO2 in the water will eventually kill your bait. Watch your bait occasionally to see if they start to stress.

If stress occurs, immediately open the Air Control on your aeration system, or change the water in the livewell.One recommendation when fishing tournaments, is to keep aeration and oxygen systems both operating until 20 minutes prior to reaching your fishing area. Then turn off the fill pumps and close the Air Control valve to allow oxygen levels to build in the water, and time for the bait to get "pumped up". CO2 levels will be low so more time can be spent fishing rather than observing your bait. When changing fishing areas, replace the water or open the Air Control valve on the aerator.
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