Bait Tank & Livewell Fittings

Livewell Fittings & Accessories

Baitwell, Livewell & Bait Tank fittings. We have glass reinforced polypropylene fittings that are guaranteed to stand up to salt corrosion and the harsh marine environment.
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Thru-Transom Baitwell Hose Connector For SaleThru-Transom Baitwell Hose Connector (AC-5)Call
3/4" Drain with Bait Guard For Sale3/4" Drain with Bait Guard (KA109)Call
1 1/2" Drain with Bait Guard For Sale1 1/2" Drain with Bait Guard (KA109-1)Call
3/4" Directional Discharge For Sale3/4" Directional Discharge (KA113)Call
3/4" Strainer For Sale3/4" Strainer (KA102)Call
1" Strainer with 3/4" Fittings For Sale1" Strainer with 3/4" Fittings (KA1021-1)Call
3/4" Check Valve For Sale3/4" Check Valve (KA104)Call
1 11/8" Directional Discharge For Sale1 11/8" Directional Discharge (KA113-1)Call