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Kodiak Bait Tanks, Baitwells and Livewells are some of the highest quality bait tanks for sale in the industry. Baitwells.com is proud to offer Kodia's Oblong Pro Flow Bait Tanks, Round Pro Flow Bait Tanks and Adjustable Water Height Bait Tanks.

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Kodiak Pro Flow bait tanks work using an active water exchange system. Fresh, oxygen rich water is pumped continuously into the tank while old water is flushed out and back into the sea or lake. Be sure that you use marine grade smooth walled hosed between the pump and the tank.

For tanks up to 32 gallons: use 3/4" ID hose with a female garden hose 3/4" barb fitting.

For tanks larger than 32 gallons: use 1" internal diameter hose.

When fresh water is pumped into the tank it filters through the slots in the baffle plate. The baffle plate slots are angled and create a gentle flow of directional water inside the Kodiak bait tanks. As the water in the tank begins to reach the overflow fitting it starts to drain out.

The overflow fitting is removable in case you want to install an elbow or other fitting in its' location. The tanks will accept a 1/2" male pipe threaded fitting but extreme care should be taken when installing new fittings in order to avoid cross threading. In order for these tanks to drain properly the overflow fitting should face toward the stern of your boat. Water will flow back as you accelerate or ride bow up, and may overflow if the drain is in any other position.

The tanks also feature what we call "an end of the day drain" which will drain the tank completely when the cap is removed. As with the overflow fitting, this fitting is also easily removed from the tank and is a 3/4" male pipe thread x male garden hose on the other end.

All Kodiak ProFlow Bait Tanks include L brackets when they are shipped. These L brackets can be mounted inboard toward the tank or out board away from the tank using the included screws. However, if you use our Kodiak ProFlow mounting pads, the L brackets must point outboard.

When your tank arrives you should take note that all the molded in hold down lugs are lubricated. We recommend that you add grease to these lugs periodically in order to prevent corrosion.

Recommended Bait Pump Sizes:

  • PF-14: K-360 or K-500
  • PF-17: K-500
  • PF-22: K-500
  • PF-27: K-500 or K-700
  • PF-32: K-700
  • PF-43: K-1100
  • PF-52: K-1500

When you are running your hose more than 8' you should step up to the next size pump. Adding in line valves, wash down valves or fittings may restict water flow which also makes it necesarrry to increase the pump size.

In order to ensure adequate water flow for healthy live bait, the time it tanks to fill the tank from empty to beginning to drain through the overflow valve should take between 5 and 8 minutes. It is recommended that in areas with warm water, over 78 degress, use a fill time closer to the 5 minute side, water will contain less oxygen the warmer it is.