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KeepAlive Bait Tanks, Baitwells & Livewells available for sale with or without aerators. All of our KeepAlive Bait Tanks are insulated and will help keep your bait calmer and healthier. These baitwells come standard with a recessed drain, handles for easy transportation, built in air control centers, hold down plates for included 13" hinged lid with twist locks and molded in graphics.

KeepAlive Bait Systems

Keep Alive Bait Tank, Baitwell & Livewell Installation

Preferred - Two Pump installation
A two pump system is the preferred system of boat builders wanting to provide a superior livewell. A simple two pump system provides a back-up in the event of pump failure.

FIRST SYSTEM: Install a standard livewell pump such as a 500, 700, or 1100 GPH to exchange water occasionally in the well. When using a ¾" pump inlet, a 1 ½" drain such as the KA109 is required.

SECOND SYSTEM: Install either the KA700RK or KA110RK. This will allow fish to remain healthy while the standard livewell pump is off when the boat is in contaminated water, or when the pump is air-locked. Many boats have the livewell pump installed on the transom. When the boat is on a plane, the intake of the pump is out of the water and is ineffective. The boat can also be trailered while the bait remains in the livewell. This system always remains on while fish are in the well.

ONE PUMP INSTALLATION:The one pump system utilizes the KA700TS, or KA1100TS and takes outside water and aerates it directly into the well. The two pump installation is preferable to the one pump installation since bait can remain in the live well when trailering.