Pumps for Bait Tanks

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Bait Tank Pumps

Bait Tank, Baitwell & Livewell Aerator Pumps for sale. Our Bait tank pumps continously pump new water into the livewell to keep your bait fish alive and healthy when heading out on fishing excursions.

We feature pumps that come with an E-Z release mounting bracket, thru hull model pumps, kodiak bait pump accessories, kodiak thru-hull bait & washdown pumps and also Kodia's transom mount bait & washdown pumps.

These pumps can easily be integrated into your existing bait system or purchased along with a bait tank and plumbing kit for your own custom built live bait system. All successful tournament fisherman know that the quality of your catch depends on the quality of your bait. The proper oxygen balance ensures you that your live bait fish will remain health and frisky.