Determining which baitwell is best suited to your application requires that you consider the following critical factors of your baitwell design:

  • + What fish are you planning on using as bait fish in your baitwell?
  • + Do you have a specific oxygen level requirement?
  • + Does the baitwell come standard with an aerator or are you planning on using it as a traditional baitwell?
  • + Well the baitwell be permanently installed in your boat or do you plan to transport it to and from the dock?
  • + What is the interior color of the baitwell and is it insulated?
  • + What type of material was used in the manufacturing process of the baitwell?
  • + Is this going to be a saltwater baitwell or a freshwater baitwell?
  • + What sort of lid comes standard with the tank?
  • + Do you have space restrictions because of the size of your boat?
Choosing the right baitwell is significantly important regardless of if you are a tournament fisherman or if you are a weekend angler. Our extensive collection ensures you that you will find the perfect baitwell.

Choosing the right baitwell can be a difficult process. Contact us at our customer service center if you need any specific questions answered about the baitwell you are considering purchasing.

Aquaworld Ultra Bait Well:
The Aquaworld line of Ultra Bait Wells are self cleaning bait wells that feature AquaWorld's patented UltraTank design. These tanks are self cleaning and use a reverse flow system to exchange old water for fresh water while out fishing.

KeepAlive Bait Well:
KeepAlive has earned a reputation as being one of the highest quality manufacturers of baitwells and for a good reason. They offer a large and varied line of tanks that can either be easily integrated with your existing live bait system or can function as a stand a lone unit. We sell KeepAlive Baitwells with and without aerators and also offer their "Glo" line of tanks for night anglers who know that spooking your bait fish with direct light increases their stress levels and reduces your chances of landing big game fish.

Aquaworld Traditional Bait Well: carries Aquaworld's traditional line of bait wells in addition to their UltraTanks. The 10 gallon high profile baitwell by AquaWorld is perfect for space saving applications on smaller fishing vessels such as jon boats and other skiffs.

Bait Pens: Bait Well Alternative:
Many anglers, especially bait producing pen owner's, opt for our line of bait pens manufactured by Rob's Reel Bait instead of one of our bait well systems. We carry bait pens in gallon capacities over 1,000 gallons. These pens are built to last unlike other flimsy models on the market. Pens feature rugged construction utilizing vinyl coated wire that is fastened to flotation devices with stainless steel hog rings that will not rust or corrode in the marine environment.

Chem-Tainer Bait Well:
The Chem-Tainer line of bait tanks and baitwells is also a favorite amongst bait producing pen owner's because of its' big, brawny and durable design. Chem-Tainer tanks range in gallon capacities from 50 to 300 gallons and come ready to be plumbed and integrated with your existing bait system. We also sell bait pumps and baitwell aeration systems in case you are building your own system from scratch.

Toho-Rig Baitwell:
The Toho-Rig Baitwell is a favorite amongst smaller boat owners because it is a complete system that ships ready for full operation. A 360 Gallon per hour bait pump is included and the baitwell also features internal segmentation for keeping game fish and bait fish simultaneously. The Toho-Rig also includes lure trays and molded in recessed cup holders. Doubles as a great boat seat when bait is not being retrieved from the bait well.

C&M Marine Bait Well:
So the polyethylene bait wells that flood the market from the manufacturers just is not going to cut it for you huh? Well step up to the C&M Marine line of fiberglass livewells and baitwells. These tanks were built to handle the roughest marine environment and conditions without sacrificing performance. Bait wells come insulated with a gel coat interior and we are told by many anglers that it doubles as a great cooler when not storing live bait.