Bait Wells

Important factors to consider when deciding which of the follow baitwells is best suited for your needs:

  • + What type of fish are you going to be using as bait?
  • + Oxygen level requirements
  • + Are the baitwells you are considering aerated or do they come standard?
  • + Does the system need to be portable or will it permanently installed?
  • + Are the baitwells insulated?
  • + What material is used to manufacture the Bait Wells?
  • + Are you planning on keeping saltwater or freshwater bait fish?
  • + What type of lid do the bait wells feature?
  • + Bait wells come in a variety of sizes, which one is the right one for your boat?
You can trust that our Bait Wells from have been manufactured specifically to stand up to the marine environment. We have fiberglass and polyethylene baitwells that will stand the test of time and bring you years of good fishing.

With so many different types of baitwells available for purchase it is easy to get overwhelmed. Please contact us through our customer service center if you require any assistance.