Bait Well

When purchasing any bait well you need to consider the following factors and requirements that are specific to your application:

  • + Type of Bait Fish
  • + Oxygen level requirements
  • + Is the bait well aerated? Can an aerator be purchased separately?
  • + Will this bait well be permanently installed or do you plan on transporting it?
  • + Is the well insulated?
  • + What material is used to manufacture the bait well?
  • + Are you planning on keeping saltwater or freshwater bait fish?
  • + What type of lid does the Bait Well comes equipped with?
  • + Where is the Bait Well's drain located at?
  • + Does your boat have a limited amount of space for the bait well?
You can trust that any bait well from is manufactured and designed to be Ultraviolet resistant and rotationally molded in one seamless piece out of polyethylene resin for maximum durability and longevity. Because we have such a large assortment of sizes, shapes and features amongst our bait well products we guarantee you will find the perfect one.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through our customer service center if you need any help in choosing which bait well is the right one for your angling needs.