Bait Tanks for Sale

With so many different types of bait tanks available for sale picking which one is most suited to your needs can be a difficult process. We have compiled a list of factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing your next live bait tank:

  • + What type of live bait fish do you plan on using?
  • + Are you going to be doing freshwater or saltwater live bait fishing?
  • + Do you plan on using a type of bait fish that requires a specific amount of oxygen concentration in the bait tank's water?
  • + Are aerators included with the bait tanks or will you have to purchase one seperately?
  • + Are you planning on integrating which ever of the bait tanks you purchase with any existing live bait system?
  • + Do you require that the tanks have insulation?
  • + Does the distributor sell bait tanks that are made out of high quality materials such as fiberglass or linear polyethylene?
  • + Would you prefer that the tank has a hinged lid or lid that twist locks securely into place?
  • + Do the bait tanks have a drain that is easily accessible and conveniently located on the tank?
  • + Do you have specific size requirements because you are planning on storing the tank on your boat? Bait Tanks are manufactured from UV resistant polyethylene that is rugged and durable - perfect for the marine environment. We carry bait tanks from the industry's leading manufacturers that have time tested reputations of providing the best live bait products for the lowest prices.

When deciding amongst the bait tanks we carry we encourage you to reach out for any help by contacting us through our customer service center.

Different types of Bait Tanks

Aquaworld Ultra Bait Tanks
Aquaword Ultra Tanks are self cleaning bait tanks that are perfect for all day fishing excursions. Bait fish require a constant supply of clean water or otherwise they may suffocate in the tank. Aquaworld has a patented reverse flow technology that will ensure you that your bait fish thrive no matter how long you are out on the water.

KeepAlive Bait Tanks
KeepAlive bait tanks have the reputation of being ruggedly durable and many of their tanks come equipped with an aerator / bait pump. The glo line of KeepAlive Bait Tanks is especially popular amongst night fisherman. The glo bait tanks emit a gentle glow at night after being either charged in the sunlight for the day or underneath a spotlight. This glow makes it possible to continue fishing at night without startling your bait fish with harsh direct light while retrieving them from the container.

Rob's Reel Bait Pens
These bait pens are the perfect live bait system for the owners of bait producing pens. Our bait pens come in a variety of sizes from small to large and can either be easily transported or permanently installed. Rugged and durable manufacturing means these pens won't lose their shape or break with prolonged use.

Chem-Tainer Bait Tanks
Chem-Tainer bait tanks come in gallon capacities ranging from 50 gallons up to 200 gallons. These bait tanks are rotationally molded from virgin polyethylene and were designed to be big and brawny. These tanks do not come standard with an aerator but they can easily be plumbed and integrated into an existing system or as a stand alone live bait holding tank.

Toho-Rig Bait Tanks
Toho-Rig Bait tanks are a complete live bait system that are one of the favorite bait tanks available for sale by owners of jon boats and other small fishing vessels. The Toho-Rig comes with a 360 gallon per hour bait pump, built in lure trays, and molded in drink holders. It also doubles as a great boat seat when live bait is not being retrieved from it.

C&M Fiberglass Bait Tanks
C&M Fiberglass bait tanks are designed to meet the needs of commercial fisherman. These tanks feature solid construction and are manufactured out of fiberglass. The C&M line of bait tanks are available for sale in both insulated and non-insulated versions.